Janis at The Coffee Gallery, per Sturdy.

“I was running this dope-infested coffee house [The Coffee Gallery]… It was a jazz & poetry bar when I went to work there in 1961. It had seen the way music was going and it had become a folk music club. And in ’64 when I had started playing theater games at The Committee, most of the folk musicians in SF were getting electrified and it was going to turn into a rock and roll club. So I got out just in time.”

Janis used to sing occasionally at the Coffee Gallery. Basically the owner, Leo Riegler, didn’t want her on the premises not because she was underage, but because she wouldn’t fuck him… The Coffee Gallery was two storefronts divided by a staircase leading to apartments above. One side was a performance room and one room was the bar. I could see Leo’s doorway across the street so I would let Janis sing and if Leo came out his door, I would send a waitress in and [Janis] would go out the other door. So he never knew she was singing onstage.” – Don Sturdy aka Howard Hesseman

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