The Creditors (1965): Hidden in Plain Sight.


The Committee is an immense subject. Recently we found a missing piece of our story that we’ve been chasing for at least two years, and it was right in front of our faces.

The Creditors is a hilarious, semi-avant-garde comic short film written by Larry Hankin and featuring Hankin, Garry Goodrow, Jessica Myerson and others, although you’ll understand after watching it that giving appropriate credit where it is due for this piece is especially tricky. The film is a joyous, form-busting piece of lunacy, an early collaboration between The Committee and local producer John Magnuson (Lenny Bruce’s Thank You Mask Man).

Youtube user Wes Burgar saw The Creditors in Ann Arbor during its originally release. He took out an ad for the film in a film collectors’ magazine, which lead him to a 35mm promo copy of the film (watermark and all). In transferring the print to DVD he was able to remove the watermark. He uploaded the short to YouTube in 2013, and when we stumbled upon it last week, it had only 33 views. We’re not sure why we hadn’t found it before – perhaps the YouTube gods didn’t like our search terms.

Finding this piece was exciting and humbling – especially after learning about the great deal of promotion and distribution it had nationally. In our interview with Maxwell Myers he talked about it in detail and even showed us an ad in the Chronicle showing it playing at the Coronet with Peter Yates’ Bullitt.

Anyway, we love it and we’re excited to share it with you. We’re on the hunt for a pristine, non-watermarked copy of the film. If anyone has a lead, please let us know. Otherwise, we’ll try to check it out of the Library of Congress.



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