The Committee’s 50th Anniversary Party


On April 27 The San Francisco Improv Festival was pleased to convene over 100 cast, crew, friends, and fans of pioneering comedy troupe The Committee to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It was an incredible honor to be in a position to throw this party, and it was pretty intense to find oneself the midst of such an incredible host of talent. Most living members of The Committee were present, and they were joined by luminaries such Senator John Burton, the chair of the California Democratic Party, State Senator Mark Leno, R.G. Davis (founder of the San Francisco Mime Troupe), satirist Will Durst and representatives of the SF improv and sketch comedy community, including Kimberly MacLean (BATS Improv), Jill Eickmann (Leela Theater), and Rob Ready, Dan Williams and Kevin Fink (Piano Fight). Jamie Wright and Sam Shaw hosted the evening, which took place at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church in Diamond Heights. Sam Willard took photos of attendees for his Improvisers portrait series, and an oral history video studio was set up for attendees to record Committee stories and recollections.We will post a gallery of photos soon. We will also be announcing more details of an upcoming film project on The Committee that the festival has in store. We have big plans. Stay tuned, and thanks for your ongoing support. (pictured: Committee founders Alan Myerson and Latifah Taormina address the crowd).
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