Our Kickstarter Strategy: From the Real World to Cyberspace


When we designed our Kickstarter campaign (which is live now, and which you can find here) we had a bit of a conundrum. We really wanted it to be in effect during the San Francisco Improv Festival, so we could show the trailer before shows and generate local support with an interested audience. But we also knew that we’d be pretty handicapped in promoting the project online, which is the lifeblood of a Kickstarter. For ten days in September, the SF Improv Fest is a more-than-full-time gig…!

So, we chose a longer campaign (45 days) than the usual Kickstarter project (30 days). What we gained was our ability to present it during the fest, get local audiences excited & talking about it, and still have 30 or so days left on the project at the end of the festival. The downside – less of a sense of urgency and the appearance of a somewhat slow start. But believe us, we’re happy where we are now, and now that the fest is wrapped up, we have the bandwidth to explore and utilize our network of contacts.

That being said, we know Saturday October 26th is going to come up fast. If you’ve already supported the documentary by backing the Kickstarter, THANK YOU so much – you’re ahead of the crowd!! As someone in the know early on, please keep spreading the excitement about the project to your friends by sharing it with your networks.

If you haven’t contributed, please consider supporting us sooner rather than later. Who knows – yours could be the trickle that starts the flood! Any amount helps, and we measure our success by our number of backers as well as reaching our dollar goal. We know you’re out there – come join us on the ride!


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