2016: State of the Production

smothers neg
One of many film negatives from Jerry Wainwright’s trunk, courtesy of Ann Funston

What a great year. Amazing interviews, incredible discoveries. Rare books, and newly public recordings. The Committee’s story inspires us pretty constantly as we move forward, and guides us through depths of American history and culture that are new to us. As we go we’ve been sharing choice discoveries on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, which we then migrate them to our blog for long-term enjoyment. So be sure to connect with us if you haven’t yet, to follow along. And if you are moved to do so, share us with your friends!

Though a few crucial interviews are still outstanding, we are moving to the end of the “information-gathering” phase of our project and are now looking forward to shaping our story in the edit. This process is new to both of us – this is our first feature-length documentary film. We both started out with the understanding that this would be a process of discovery and digging – there are scant accounts of The Committee’s story, so we knew we’d be gathering its parts and assembling it one interview and archive discovery at a time.

We can safely say that the coming year will see us putting this story together and sharing our discoveries with you as they coalesce into the film we are all excited to see. We will also have a new trailer sooner than later which we’ll use along with our new website to push this project out further, seeking to put in place the financing and partnerships that will help us bring this film to fruition.

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm for our documentary on The Committee. The more we learn about them, the more their lasting influence is revealed. We can’t wait to share their full and amazing story with you!

If you want to connect with us directly, our email is listed below.

Jamie Wright (jamie@sfimprovfestival.com)
Sam Shaw (samshaw@sfimprovfestival.com)

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