Rob Reiner & Larry Bishop at The Hungry i.

In the late sixties Rob Reiner and Larry Bishop spearheaded an improv group in Los Angeles called The Session, which included Richard Dreyfuss and others. Reiner and Bishop formed a duo out of that group and went on tour. Here they are doing press for a show at The Hungry i, courtesy of the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive. Within a year, Reiner would find himself onstage at The Committee. Reiner provided more background about this time in his 2011 interview with A.V. Club which you can find here.

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  1. I briefly spoke with Richard Dreyfuss this week about The Session and he said that Albert Brooks played with them. I don’t know if Brooks was officially in the group, or just played with them occasionally.

    1. thanks, would love to know more about the session. I know the Reiners and Einsteins were pretty close so it doesnt surpise me that Brooks might have collaborated with The Session. – Sam

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