Maxwell Myers.

It’s been said that Maxwell Myers “wore his love beads under his necktie”. Maxwell’s business acumen, local connections, energy and enthusiasm for Alan and Latifah’s vision of a satirical improvisational revue helped make The Committee a reality, and helped keep it afloat, for almost ten years. An antiwar activist whose fervor was born out of his experience during the liberation of Dachau as part of the Army’s 103rd Infantry Division, Maxwell’s generosity and boosterism lifted generations of artists and causes, including the work of Shirley Clarke, Frederick Wiseman, the Alcazar Theater, and, most recently, our documentary. We’re inspired by Maxwell’s example and grateful for his friendship and support. Maxwell A. Myers passed away last week, not long after celebrating his 99th birthday. Link to his obit below. We could only hope to live life as fully.

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