Hugh Romney aka Wavy Gravy, on stage at The Committee

We’ve isolated what we strongly suspect is a recording of Wavy Gravy (then Hugh Romney) improvising with The Committee in 1965. Clues: Hugh is included in the curtain call for this performance, and in another version of the scene the candy bar is called Kreemo (referencing Goon King Brothers Dimensional Cremo, the “start-up” that Wavy started with fellow Committee performer John Brent). Anyway, in honor of Wavy’s 85th circle around the sun, here you go. Does this sound like Wavy to you? Any thoughts on the identity of the other performer? We have ideas..

John Brent’s “Bibleland”

Before he joined The Committee, John Brent was poetry director at The Gaslight in Greenwich Village (alongside future Committee player Hugh Romney aka Wavy Gravy). Brent’s 1960 broadside “Bibleland”, which arrived at our doorstep this week, is exceptional piece of beat satire. And dig the packaging! And here’s the man himself reading the poem onstage at The Gaslight, from the 1961 film Greenwich Village Story. Portrait by Jerry Wainwright.

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