Wanted: Everett Cornell

everett cornell

“Everett Cornell, a dropout from both Roosevelt University and The American Conservatory of Music, comes from Chicago’s ‘middle ghetto’, where he was a member of The Blackstone Rangers. He gave up a serious study of the saxophone to study drama with The Committee Workshop. He joined the ranks of the review this past summer when Committee member Melvin Stewart left the company to start his Bantu Theater in the Hunter’s Point area of San Francisco..” – San Mateo Times, Nov. 8, 1968.

Cornell was one of four African-American members of The Committee ensemble. The pic below is from an extensive photo shoot that The Committee participated in when putting together The Music Scene television show.

Cornell was in The Committee for a couple years, but other than a few newspaper mentions and photos, we’ve completely lost his trail. If anyone has information about this actor, please let us know.