Barbaric Intrusion


A Herbert Gold story in the March 1970 issue of Holiday magazine features a portrait of a rare Scott Beach-directed Committee cast.

“So far [The Committee’s] great achievement – due partly to talent and partly to San Francisco tolerance – has been to survive without silicone for nearly a decade in its handsome cabaret in the topless playground.”

Pictured: Dan Barrows, Kertia Thomas, Bruce Mackey, Julie Payne, Scott Beach, David Ogden Stiers, Ruth Silveira, and Jim Cranna.

Dr. Kertia Black


Many thanks to Dr. Kertia Black, who visited us in San Francisco this weekend! For a turbulent and unforgettable year (1969-70), Kertia performed with The Committee at 622 Broadway with a cast of newer faces, helping to hold down headquarters while the old guard stormed Los Angeles.

Kertia offered a fresh perspective on The Committee’s latter days and vivid memories of her Committee castmates and director Del Close, The Committee’s workshops, and the emotional toll that the work ultimately took on her.

The interview took place at PianoFight (pictured here) which lent us their bar and support for the shoot. PianoFight, a bar and theater complex, is an amazing resource for theater artists in San Francisco, hosting performances and live music every night of the week. We encourage a visit!