Wildly Incandescent Lucidity.


“I was Del’s student in Chicago in 1970, then he cast me in Second City Touring Co, then he directed me in two shows in Minneapolis in an improv theatre there in ’72 and ’73.. Then after 5 years in L.A. ’75-80 (where I worked in a comedy troupe with Julie Payne among others) I returned to Chicago, where I reconnected with him. When he left Second City in the early 70’s to return to The Committee, my boyfriend and I at the time moved into his apartment in Chicago that he shared with his girlfriend George Kingson. Then he stayed with me in Minneapolis for awhile. I caught him in the early 70’s at Second City in a brief moment of wildly incandescent lucidity and from the moment I stepped on stage in his workshops we understood one another. It was a joy for me.” – Rochelle Richelieu Winter